Rectal Bleeding and Abdominal Pain Following Vaccination in
Intussusception is one of the most frequent causes of intestinal obstruction in infants. Rotavirus vaccination has been associated with intussusception in the medical literature. We report a case of a 4-month-old female with intussusception requiring hemicolectomy one week following rotavirus vaccination. We review the pathophysiology, presentation, and management of intussusception with a distinct focus on the history of rotavirus vaccination and risks of intussusception associated with timing of rotavirus vaccine administration. The discussion makes a strong case for rotavirus vaccine counseling regarding signs of intestinal obstruction and the importance of early recognition.

Case Presentation
A 4-month-old female in foster care presents to the emergency department for evaluation of acute-onset abdominal pain with bloody bowel movements. For three to four hours prior to presentation, the infant was awakening every 10?15 minutes crying with associated tightening of her abdomen and drawing her legs inward and intermittent rectal bleeding.
She was a previously healthy full-term infant. Her routine pediatric care had been unremarkable. She had received her 4-month vaccines (Rotarix, Pediarix, Hib, and Prevnar) at a health supervision visit 7 days prior to presentation to the local emergency department....