Rectal free perforation after stapled hemorrhoidopexy: A cas
Stapled hemorrhoidopexy is widely performed for treatment of prolapsed hemorrhoids because of advantages, including shorter hospital stay and less discomfort, compared with conventional hemorrhoidectomy. However, it can have severe adverse effects, such as rectal bleeding, perforation, and sepsis.
Presentation of case
We report the case of a healthy 28-year-old man who presented to the emergency department with sudden-onset diffuse abdominal pain and hematochezia. He had undergone stapled hemorrhoidopexy 5 days earlier and was discharged after an uneventful postoperative course. For the present condition, after immediate evaluation, we successfully performed emergency laparoscopic repair of the rectal perforation without any stoma. His postoperative course was uneventful, and he was discharged on postoperative day 16.