Recurrent borderline phyllodes tumor of the breast submitted
Phyllodes tumors are biphasic fibroepithelial tumors that account for fewer than 1% of mammary tumors. They usually appear in middle-aged women, with an average size of 4–7 cm and rapid growth.

A 25-year-old woman sought care after excision of recurrent nodules in the right breast, with a diagnosis of borderline phyllodes tumor. She had no new lesions on physical examination. Imaging studies revealed an anechoic collection and nodular areas in a previous surgical site, correlated with pathology. Immuno-histochemical examination was positive for vimentin, calponin, Ki-67 and estrogen receptor. Systemic staging did not show metastases. Skin-reducing mastectomy was performed on the right side, followed by reconstruction and left reduction mammaplasty for symmetry. At 8-month follow-up, there was no relapse of the lesions on clinical and ultrasonographic examinations.

Source: International Journal of Surgery case reports

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