Recurrent pyelonephritis with proteinuria and bilateral pneu
A 35-year-old male presented with repeated episodes of fever and abdominal pain of 3-month duration. He had been hospitalized twice with similar complaints in the past 3-month. He was diagnosed as pyelonephritis and managed with intravenous antibiotics.

However, fever recurred after ten days of discharge from the hospital. After evaluation, he was diagnosed as pyelonephritis with right sided consolidation and was started on broad spectrum antibiotics. After a transient initial improvement, his dyspnea worsened, fever recurred and he developed a tender submandibular abscess.

Further evaluation for the actual focus of infection, revealed a small mass attached to the right coronary aortic cusp on transthoracic ECHO.

Diagnosis of native Aortic valve endocarditis was made and suitably treated. The patient became afebrile on the 8th day of therapy and was discharged after 20-day. He is doing well on subsequent follow-up.

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