Red Wine Beneficial for Your Gut Microbiome
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Gut microbiome or gut bacteria are healthy bacteria that are present in the intestines of humans and are linked to several health benefits. A healthy gut microbiome for example is linked to a healthy immunity and healthy digestive functions. The study titled, “Red Wine Consumption Associated With Increased Gut Microbiota α-diversity in 3 Independent Cohorts,” was published in the latest issue of the journal Gastroenterology.

For this study the team of researchers from Department of Twin Research Genetic Epidemiology, King’s College, London and VIB Centre for Microbiology KU Leuven, Laboratory of Molecular Bacteriology, Rega Institute for Medical Research, Belgium in collaboration collected food, drink and dietary habits of a large population.

Results revealed that drinking red wine even when combined with other forms of alcohol is associated with a healthy gut microbe pattern. The team answered for genetics and familial traits in having a naturally healthy gut microbe pattern by showing that one of the twins that consumed more red wine had a healthier gut microbe pattern compared to their co-twin that consumed less of red wine.

The researchers explain that a specific component of red wine – polyphenols are possibly responsible for the benefits observed in these individuals. They write that polyphenols also occur in other foods such as nuts and seeds as well as in certain vegetables and fruits including grapes. The grapes have a rich content of polyphenols in their skin and these are found in greater amounts in red wine compared to white wine.

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