Reduce price of COVID-19 test, Rs 4,500 cap not applicable n
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While private laboratories have repeatedly claimed that Rs 4,500 price cap for COVID -19 test is one of the reasons behind low testing, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) wants to reduce the price, even more, reported The Indian Express.

"Testing supplies are stabilizing and due to the availability of a variety of testing materials and kits, including indigenous ones, the prices are becoming competitive and are undergoing reduction. Considering these developments and the evolving prices of the testing kits, the earlier suggested upper ceiling of Rs 4,500 may not be applicable now. Hence, all state governments and UT administrations are advised to negotiate with private laboratories and fix up mutually agreeable prices for samples being sent by the government and also for private individuals desirous of testing by these labs," Dr. Balram Bhargava, Director-General of ICMR wrote in a letter addressed to states.

In a letter dated March 17, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had suggested Rs 4,500 price cap for private labs testing the novel coronavirus. Private laboratories have maintained that with the Rs 4,500 upper ceiling, they have not been able to recover expenses.

According to an analysis, on April 16, private labs did a little over 15 percent of the total 28,340 tests done that day. And on May 23, that figure was 19 percent of the total 1,10,397 tests done.


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So all the charity is supposed to be done by the private Doctors only. One can only laugh at the irony in a country where seats for post graduation and graduation are bought,not won by merit,at "Competitve" and "Uncapped" prices,then why should there be any "competitve" and "capping" expected at the level of Private Practitioners?
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