Reforms In Medical MSc Courses: NMMTA Meets Govt Officials
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Both the Education Ministry and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have assured the National MSc Medical Teachers’ Association (NMMTA) of addressing their concerns regarding the reforms in the conduct of Medical MSc courses and the roles of such scientists as teachers in medical colleges.

The association stated that there are no uniform guidelines for medical MSc courses and the duration of the courses also differs at the concerned universities. Medical MSc courses need to be regulated and supervised by a central council, the association has been urging the authorities in response to the NMC decision.

Representing the association, Dr. Sridhar Rao (President) and Mr. Arjun Maitra (General Secretary) recently met key officials of NITI Aayog and the Health Secretary (MoHFW) seeking solutions to their concerns.

Medical MSc courses, which are conducted in the medical colleges on the lines of MD courses need reforms. Ever since MCI silently abandoned regulating these courses, they are now regulated by individual health universities. In the absence of a regulating scientific council, there are variations in these courses with respect to the mode of admissions, duration of courses, dissertation, etc.

Also, the curriculum needs to be upgraded with the changing times. Although the UGC recognizes these courses, the education ministry has done little as these courses come under the ambit of medical colleges. We want reforms and regulations of these courses; only medical colleges must be permitted to run them, said Dr. Rao.

The delegation also met the Health Secretary over the controversial move of the National Medical Commission to downsize the percentage of non-medical teachers. While the NMC is within its rights to frame qualifications, it is the health ministry which must provide its policies and directions. The manner in which NMC has taken this decision without due diligence is questionable, said Dr. Rao.

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