Regular Bicycling is nations service - 1. Decrease no of acc
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Regular Bicycling is nations service -
1. Decrease no of accidents
2. Reduce animal deaths
3. Save reserve fossil fuels
4. Save country's money
5. Money in pocket not in fuel tank
6. Uplift self esteem
7. Removes ego type attitude
8. Helps in tobacco deaddiction
9. Saves from coronary artery disease
10. Protects from certain cancers
11. Increase bone calcium ..prevents osteoporosis
12. Delay diabetes type 2
13. Prevents diabetes type 2
14. Control diabetes mellitus type 2
15. Reduces systolic blood pressure by 04 - 06 mm of Hg, if done for three months regularly
16. Reduces diastolic blood pressure by 02 - 04 mm of Hg if done regularly
17. Saves your time of morning and evening walk , if you go your office by BICYCLE
18. Reduces anxiety
19. Enlighten your mood
20. Prevent and treat constipation
21. Reduce noise , soil and water pollution
Any other addition is most welcome
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