Relationship between semen regurgitation and pregnancy rates
The aim was to evaluate the relationship between semen regurgitation and intrauterine insemination (IUI) outcomes. Researchers hypothesized that clinical pregnancy rates and live birth rates would be reduced when regurgitation occurred.

A retrospective review of 1,957 IUI cycles was performed on 660 patients. The primary outcome was live birth. Secondary outcomes were positive serum pregnancy results and clinical pregnancy.

- Live birth rates were similar in IUI cycles with and without regurgitation.

- Clinical pregnancy rates in the presence or absence of regurgitation were 10.5% vs. 10.0%.

- Positive serum pregnancy tests after IUI did not differ by regurgitation status. Results were unchanged when adjusted for covariates (age, race and ethnicity, body mass index, duration of infertility, medication, infertility diagnosis, total motile count, and method of sperm preparation).

To summarize, the presence of regurgitation during the IUI procedure is not related to pregnancy outcomes.

Fertility and Sterility