Remdesivir found to be Effective in Children With Severe COV
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Remdesivir shortens time to recovery in adults with severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), but its efficacy and safety in children are unknown. A Study was conducted to describe the outcomes in children with severe COVID-19 treated with remdesivir.

A compassionate-use program provided remdesivir to 77 hospitalized patients under the age of 18 who had reported extreme acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection. Remdesivir was administered intravenously for 10 days (200 mg on day 1 and 100 mg daily thereafter for children over 40 kg, and 5 mg/kg on day 1 and 2.5 mg/kg daily thereafter for children less than 40 kg). Clinical data was obtained over the course of 28 days of follow-up.

--Median age was 14 years (interquartile range 7–16, range less than 2 months to 17 years). 79% of patients had more than 1 comorbid condition.

--At baseline, 90% of children required supplemental oxygen and 51% required invasive ventilation.

--By day 28 of follow-up, 88% of patients had a decreased oxygen-support requirement, 83% recovered, and 73% were discharged.

--Among children requiring invasive ventilation at baseline, 90% were extubated, 80% recovered, and 67% were discharged. There were 4 deaths, of which 3 were attributed to COVID-19.

--Remdesivir was well tolerated, with a low incidence of serious adverse events (16%). Most adverse events were related to COVID-19 or comorbid conditions. Laboratory abnormalities, including elevations in transaminase levels, were common; 61% were grades 1 or 2.

Finally, the majority of 77 children treated with remdesivir for extreme COVID-19 recovered, with a low rate of significant adverse events.