Remote Care Is the New Norm. Let’s get used to it.
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After living through the past 2-3 months at home, people now start to realize how to leverage the tools that have already been there for a while. Once considered science fiction, remote care is today’s new standard.

• A Paradigm Shift in Care

The novel coronavirus made healthcare professionals retrace their way of thinking. It did disrupt the systems and forced health networks to rehash their telemedicine concepts. Not only that: in order to protect medical professionals from the virus, the need for remote technologies skyrocketed. If you needed to go to your physician over the past weeks, first you had to call in and describe your symptoms.

• Post-COVID Life: A Life Yet Uncertain

It is not yet known how we will tackle the global pandemic. What is certain is that masks, social distancing, and a general fear will most likely remain with us for quite a while – and even some technologies, too.

What’s for sure is that telemedicine is faster and can also be better streamlined. And it’s definitely a better solution for both the patient and the doctor. Patients will still need real doctors to give answers to their questions. And doctors will have more time on their hands – and possibly experiencing less burnout. It looks like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?

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