Remote detection of arrhythmias using Apple watch: A useful
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In a COVID-19 global pandemic, wearable devices have broadened their reach with the help of its electrocardiograms (ECG) application that can already serve as the substitute for a clinical ECG. To build up the accessibility of non-invasive advanced healthcare technologies during COVID-19 in an attempt to enable healthcare professionals to help patients remotely without having to go to a hospital. Under the guidelines, physicians can use the ECG application by Apple Watch to help diagnose certain rhythms as well as helps to manage patients through telehealth. Apple Watch and similar wearable gadgets are widely available in India. ‘Electrocardiogram recording App’ after recent upgradation of watch operating system 6 in India is able to capture a single channel rhythm strip.

Apple watch and cardiac application

The built-in sensors in the rear crystal and the digital crown collaborate to make an electrocardiogram from the comfort of your home or office for users. Just fire up Apple Watch's ECG app, tap the crown, and see the app count down for 30 seconds.

The Apple Watch and the accompanying Cardiac app utilizes photoplethysmography to calculate blood flow activity and track slight variations that can signify an irregular heartbeat. A tachograph is being generated, and an algorithm is evaluated. After that, every heart rhythm is categorized as atrial fibrillation (AF), sinus rhythm, or non-conclusive. Health app on iPhone stores all files and their related designations as well as any reported symptoms. Users may share a PDF of the findings with doctors if required. The detection of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation using Apple watches series 4 and 5 has made possible which are intermittent arrhythmias. The ability to detect abnormal heart rhythms, especially out of the office, can have important implications.