Renal Denervation Responders Hint at Good Clinical Outcomes
Research had previously shown that the catheter-based procedure lowers BP, albeit to a modest degree that had critics questioning whether denervation would ultimately make a meaningful difference in clinical outcomes.

The concept of time in target range (TTR) provided a stronger case for renal denervation as an adjunctive treatment to reduce blood pressure (BP) in people not responding to antihypertensives. The trial had 80 people taking BP meds randomized to renal denervation using the multi-electrode Symplicity Spyral catheter or sham. Study participants were at baseline 54 years old on average, and over 80% were men. Office systolic BP averaged 164 mmHg in both groups.

At the 6-month mark, medication changes were allowed. Denervation and control groups stayed taking a similar number of antihypertensive drugs through follow-up.