Renal cell carcinoma in an ectopic pelvic kidney: a case rep
The present case has been reported in the Urology Case Reports. A 53-year-old female, previously well, non-smoker, presented to our clinic complaining of left flank pain for few weeks duration. There were no aggravating or alleviating factors, and no dysuria, frequency, urgency, nocturia, incontinence or hematuria.

She was haemodynamically stable. Physical examination was unremarkable and no abdominal masses were palpable. Laboratory evaluation consisted of urine analysis, complete blood count, renal function tests and serum electrolytes, all of which were normal, except for microhaematuria. A CT scan revealed an ectopic pelvic left kidney with a 4 cm enhancing mass located in the anterior portion of the mid to lower pole.

No metastatic sites were found. The patient underwent an open transperitoneal radical left pelvic nephrectomy The pelvic leftt kidney was easily identified under the peritoneal reflection just anterior to the sacral promontory. The left external iliac artery was identified, and the parietal peritoneum incised along the root of the small bowel mesentery.

Dissection was continued over the kidney until the anteriorly located renal pelvis and ureter were identified. Utilizing sharp and blunt dissection, the kidney was mobilized circumferentially. Anomalous vessels were isolated and divided between surgical clips. A renal artery was draped over the anterior portion of the kidney, originating from the Aortic bifurcation. Two renal veins took a course to reach the left common iliac vein.

Total operative time was 120 minutes, with an estimated blood loss of 150 mL. The final histological examination concluded to chromophobe renal cell carcinoma Führman grade 2. After 12 months of clinical and radiological check-up, there was no functional complaint or any sign of recurrence.

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