Renal pseudoaneuryms and PE after blunt trauma: a unique cas
This case report, published in the Urology Case Reports, presents a unique manifestation of complications in a 71-year-old man following blunt renal trauma.

Initially, computed tomography (CT) revealed a traumatic left kidney laceration. Hematuria ceased quickly after ureteral stent placement. One week later, hematuria reoccurred while the patient was treated for pulmonary embolism.

Multiphase CT revealed two renal pseudoaneurysms as the underlying cause. Renal pseudoaneurysms are commonly associated with surgery or inflammation and rarely seen after trauma. Selective angiographic embolization successfully stopped hematuria.

Thereafter, the patient was hemodynamically stable to continue therapeutic thrombolysis. After discharge, the patient remained symptom-free and had an unremarkable follow up assessment.

Key takeaways:-
- Hematuria is a frequent finding in patients after blunt renal trauma. Although RPAs are usually associated with a non-traumatic development, they can present themselves as a rare complication after blunt renal trauma.

- While CT is the preferred imaging technique to detect RPAs, selective angiographic embolization is the treatment of choice for presenting intermittent severe hematuria.

- Follow-up is highly advised to document complete healing or detect any deterioration such as impaired renal function or renal hypertension.

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