Repair of Pulmonary Air Leakage with Polyglicolic Acid Sheet
Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is a common pediatric disease characterized by a low circulating platelet count. A 12-year-old female presented to the Emergency Department with menorrhagia of 10 days. Her physical exam was remarkable for ecchymosis in the lower extremities with petechia in the ankles. Hemoglobin and Hematocrit were 7.7 g/dl and 23.4% with platelets of 10/mm³ and giant platelets seen on the smear. She was admitted in the inpatient unit and successfully treated. ITP is a diagnosis of exclusion and a complete workup should be performed to rule out other etiologies. The risk of serious bleeding remains small.

Materials and Methods
This is a retrospective study of 4 children diagnosed with the diagnosis of isolated pulmonary hydatid disease who were treated surgically using PGA sheet between 1/April/2016 and 31/July/2016. Age, sex of the patients, cyst laterality and location, size of the cyst, and days of tube thoracostomy were studied. In addition to the clinical features, chest radiography and computerised tomograghy (CT) were used in the diagnostic work-up and possible involvement of other viscera by the disease was excluded by the above mentioned imaging modalities. Serological tests including IHA (indirect hemagglutination test) were used complementary to radiology in suspected cases.

In conclusion, the management of pulmonary hydatid cysts, surgical intervention combined with PGA usage seems useful. This technique may contribute to shorten hospitalization, and it seems that it may result in reduction of post-thoracotomy alveolar leakage....

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