Represent your college at the National Level
After the success of its first batch with 66 interns and 22 colleges, we are back with PlexusMD Management Internship 2.0 (

This 16 week program gives medical students an opportunity to become a liaison between PlexusMD and their college. The motivation behind this program is to give medical students a chance to enhance their management skills through various roles & responsibilities in the form of a structured internship.

If you are a medical student with a knack for management, you should take a look! If not, pass this opportunity to someone who would be willing.

To know more about the Internship Program and apply, click on this link:

Last Date to Apply: 22nd September, 2016
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Dr. G●●●●●●●●●i B●●s
Dr. G●●●●●●●●●i B●●s Pathology
A fantastic initiative
Sep 11, 2016Like
A●●●●●h G●●●a
A●●●●●h G●●●a General Medicine
Thanks, just applied for it. i am Indian citizen studying mbbs in nepal.
Sep 13, 2016Like
S●●●●●a R●●●●●●●●i
S●●●●●a R●●●●●●●●i General Medicine
Hello, when is the new batch and how could I apply for it?
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