Reproductive History Linked to Later Stroke Risk
Total 618851 women aged 32.0-73.0 years at baseline with data on infertility, miscarriage, or stillbirth, at least one outcome event (non-fatal or fatal stroke), and information on covariates were included; 93119 women were excluded. Of the participants, 275863 had data on non-fatal and fatal stroke, 54716 only had data on non-fatal stroke, and 288272 only had data on fatal stroke. The median follow-up for non-fatal stroke and fatal stroke was 13.0 years and 9.4 years, respectively. A first non-fatal stroke was experienced by 9265 (2.8%) women and 4003 (0.7%) experienced a fatal stroke. Infertility was associated with an increased risk of non-fatal stroke. A history of recurrent miscarriages and death or loss of a baby before or during birth could be considered a female specific risk factor for stroke, with differences in risk according to stroke subtypes.