Residential pesticide exposures in pregnancy and the risk of
To examine whether parental pesticide exposure contributes to the development of sporadic retinoblastoma.

Data were collected by a large multicenter study of sporadic retinoblastoma in which parents of 99 unilateral and 56 bilateral age matched case-control pairs were interviewed by telephone. Retrospective exposure information was collected on the type, location, timing and frequency of residential pesticide use. We used conditional logistic regression analyses to estimate odds ratios for maternal pesticide exposure in the month before or during pregnancy and to assess whether the type of product, and the circumstances under which it was applied, were associated with risk of disease.

Our results suggest that parental pesticide exposure before or during pregnancy may play a role in the development of childhood retinoblastoma. Retrospectively collected exposure data introduces the possibility of recall bias, therefore, results should be interpreted cautiously until additional studies are conducted.