Respected Sir/Ma'am, πŸ“Œ I am very glad to tell you about a
Pratik Pawar
Respected Sir/Ma'am,

πŸ“Œ I am very glad to tell you about an exciting event - *MATCH 2019, India’s 1st Online Recruitment Conclave for Resident Doctors.*

*free of cost*😁

πŸ’» This conclave brings to you hundreds of opportunities across the country in 50+ specialties to help you find the best match for you!

⏱ It also brings 300+ premier institutes on a single platform and provide a unique opportunity for resident doctors to showcase their skills and more!

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Visit to know more; or whatsapp at 95103 83909

πŸ›‘ *Benefits for you*

1.Access the largest collection of Jobs for Resident doctors

2.Easy, free and secure 1-click application process

3.Get free CV template for your specialty

4.Full Support in your application and interview process

πŸ›‘ *How does it work*

1 Pre-register and get your free MATCH 2019 account

2.Apply to opportunities of your interest through the MATCH 2019 portal

3.Receive list of Institutes where you are shortlisted for interview

4.Receive your interview slots and confirm your availability for In-person or online interview

πŸ€” *FAQs* πŸ€”

Do I need to pay anything to register?
No. There are no registration or application fees for Doctors. You do not need to pay anything even if you are hired.

Where is the event going to be organized?
MATCH 2019 is an online event where the PlexusMD team will be in touch with you regarding the application process till you are hired.

When can I start applying to jobs?
The positions will get live on 11th May 2019 and you can apply to as many jobs as you like, while the application window is open. However, you should only apply to positions where you are genuinely interested and which you would seriously consider taking up. If we find that a candidate makes multiple applications with no intention of joining the Institution, the user’s MATCH 2019 account may be terminated and permanently debarred from all future events and the PlexusMD Careers platform.

Are all the Job details provided in the Job card final?
No, the details are indicative. While some details are fixed, such as Location and Specialty, some details such as Designation and Remuneration may vary based on the Candidate profile. In very unlikely cases (if for e.g. the position is no longer vacant), the listed job may be withdrawn by the Company.

How many shortlists and interviews can I attend?
There is no cap on the number of shortlists you can receive. You may receive a shortlist for every job you have applied for. Also you can attend as many interviews as the number of shortlists you have received. We will be in touch with you once shortlists are released.

Have a query?

Write to us at
or Whatsapp at 95103 83909

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