Respiratory and Cranial Complications during Anaesthesia in
Case Report:
Our case is a baby of 12 months old and 8 kg weight born from healthy parents who has had the diagnosis of PS Type 2 (Figure 1). The case had clover skull and craniosynostosis. A collective operation was planned by plastic and reconstructive surgery and brain surgery for the purpose of frontal craniectomy and advancing a supraorbital bar on the case having severe exophthalmia, choanal atresia, midfacial hypoplasia and low ear anomaly. It was learnt from the preoperative history of the patient that the patient has difficulty in breathing especially during sleep. On the physical examination for the patient whose malampathy score was evaluated to be III, narrow oral (mouth) structure, maxillary and choanal hypoplasia were observed, and a fiber optic bronchoscope and laryngeal mask (LMAs) with various sizes were prepared by considering a difficult intubation. Besides, surgery team was asked to be prepared as to open a tracheostomy in an emergency case....