Respiratory arrest caused by a large uterine myoma
Case report
A 42-year-old virgin woman presented to the emergency room for gradually worsening exertional dyspnoea and remarkable abdominal distension. Gradual abdominal distension had been noted by the patient over the past 3 years, but she became symptomatic only a week before admission. Medical and surgical histories were unremarkable. The patient complained of tachypnoea, and her oxygen saturation (SpO2) on room air was 89%. Abdominal examination revealed generalised abdominal distension with a
mass located through the entire abdomen. The patient’s height
was 170 cm, and weight was 55 kg. Laboratory tests indicated
hypoxaemia in arterial blood gas analysis (pH 7.43, partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2) 45.5 mmHg, partial pressure of oxygen (pO2) 54.7 mmHg) and mildly elevated liver enzymes (aspartate aminotransferase (AST) 68 IU/L, alanine transferase (ALT) 72 IU/L). Other biochemical parameters, including tumour marker levels (CA 125 15.3 U/mL and CA 19-9 26.82 U/mL) were within normal ranges....