Restoration of incisal half with edge-up technique using cer
This case report, published in the Journal of Conservative Dentistry, describes a rare treatment modality for Turner's hypoplasia done with a very conservative approach for the esthetic and functional problem of the defect.

Diagnosis was made as Turner's hypoplasia of upper two central incisors with proximal caries. Treatment planning was done after considering many factors such as conservation of tooth structure, esthetics, occlusion and economy.

Tooth preparation was done to receive Edge-up, all ceramic partial crowns for both the upper central incisors,using pressable all ceramic material and cemented with resin cement.

Key takeaway:-
- Partial edge-up crown is a conservative treatment modality for teeth with cervical part of the tooth structure is intact.

- Result obtained in this case with edge-up partial crown is very encouraging. With the advent of newer materials and techniques adapted, this treatment modality has given very good esthetic and functional results.

- The procedure holds promise for the successful management of partial defects of the teeth in the incisal/occlusal areas.

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