Rethink the malocclusion of class II subdivision
The treatment of the Class II subdivision presents a real challenge in orthodontics, and a lot of discussions are created around it with one important question: What is the best treatment option?

Published in the Indian Journal of Orthodontic Society, the authors report one young female Patient with Class II subdivision malocclusion treated with an asymmetric extraction of the first permanent maxillary molar on the side of the distoclusion.

In this case, the advantage of the space created from the extraction site was taken to correct the distoclusion and substitute the first molar with the second molar, and by preserving the third molar, the second maxillary permanent molar was substituted with this tooth.

The results reveal a good vertical control, Class I molar and Class I canine was achieved accompanied by a correct alignment and leveling of the maxillary and mandibular arches.

Key Learnings:-
- With this approach, one can respect the geometry of the arch without esthetic damage, functional problems at the level of the temporomandibular joint, keeping all the correct occlusal relationships and guides of dynamics associated with correct arch shape and clear harmony in the excursive movements.

- It is clinically justifiable to strive for an orthodontic result that respects the spherical functionality proposed by Slavicek.

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