Retinal Tumors : A persistent curse to childhood.
Anmol Bhujabal
Retinal Tumors : A persistent curse to childhood.
A 15 year old boy presented with ocular mass in the left eye and gradual vision loss with severe headache.
CT - Intracerebral extension found.
Fundus examination - Not performed due to lack of fundus
CBC,LFT,Renal function test performed to see the capability of patient to survive radiotherapy.

Could you name this type of retinal tumor?
What therapy should be provided to optimise vision loss and prevent metastasis?
Can enucleation be avoided?
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A●●●l B●●●●●●l
A●●●l B●●●●●●l General Medicine
Enucleation cannot be avoided!
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P●●●●●t S●●●h
P●●●●●t S●●●h General Medicine
Is it a retinoblastoma?
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N●●l N●●●s
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Retinoblastoma in 15 year old is unheard of, it' s a tumor that gets diagnosed by max 5-6 yrs
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