Retinal incarceration in the needle perforation track: a cas
The present case has been published in the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology.

A 60-year-old female was referred due to floaters in her right eye after uneventful cataract surgery performed 2 weeks ago. The patient had reported severe pain during peribulbar injection. A perforation site was seen along superotemporal vascular arcade on multi-color scanning laser and infrared reflectance imaging arrow.

Fluorescein angiography revealed localized nonperfusion. Optical coherence tomography showed incarceration of retinal layers and obliteration of choroidal vessels at the perforation site arrow. Vitreous hemorrhage, the cause of floaters, was seen on color photograph and optical coherence tomography arrowheads.

Ocular perforation during the peribulbar block is a potentially sight-threatening complication. In some cases, the damage may be limited, especially if the drug is not injected into the eye. Retinal incarceration in the present case probably occurred at the time of withdrawal of needle and prevented further retinal detachment.

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