Retino-Renal Dissociation inType-2 DM
141 patients with type 2 diabetes, 83(58.9%) males, 58(41.1%) females were recruited in the study. The mean duration of diabetes in this study was 5.78±6.21 years. Mean HbA1C in our study was 9.66±3.04%. 79(56.0%) patients in our study had HbA1C more than 9.0% while 39(27.7%) had HbA1C between 7.0- 9.0%. only 23 (16.3%) patients had HbA1C less than 7.0%. A total of 118 (83.7%) patients had poor glycemic control. Out of a total of 141 patients, DKD (albuminuria and/or reduced eGFR) was present in 67 (47.52%) patients. 33 had diabetic retinopathy.

Out of 141 patients a total of 67(47.5%) patients who had DKD, evidence of retinopathy was present in 20 (14.2%) of the patients whereas 47 patient had no evidence of retinopathy in spite of having evidence of diabetes kidney disease. Among 74(52.5%) of patients without evidence of DKD, 13 (9.2%) had retinopathy. 12 Patients of type 2 diabetes with UACR>1000mg/g of creatinine without evidence of retinopathy were planned for a Renal biopsy after taking informed consent, however, one patient opted out and didn’t give consent for a biopsy so was excluded. Out of 11 patients, 6 patients had diabetic kidney disease and 5 had the nondiabetic renal disease (NDRD).