Retreatodontics in maxillary lateral incisor with supernumer
The present paper published in the Journal of Conservative Dentistry reports a successful endodontic retreatment of maxillary lateral incisor with two roots and two root canals. The accessory root canal was not recognized in the initial endodontic treatment and hence failure of the treatment occurred. After an endodontic treatment, the case was reviewed at every six months interval for a period of two years.

A 25 year old male was presented with a history of mild pain and swelling in the upper right lateral incisor of 10 days duration. Dental history revealed root canal treatment done from a private clinic 7 months ago. Medical and family history was non contributory. Clinical examination showed normal number, size and colour of all teeth. A swelling in the palatal aspect of right lateral incisor was observed, but there was no fistulous tract. A temporary restorative material was seen in the palatal aspect of the lateral incisor.

Radiographic examination revealed a poorly condensed overextended root canal filling, and an accessory root and canal which was not obturated. An occlusal radiograph and a second intra oral periapical radiograph with altered (mesial tube shift) horizontal angulations revealed an additional palatal root (same-lingual, opposite-buccal: SLOB rule).

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