Right supernumerary kidney: A rare entity
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Renal anomalies are not uncommon however Supernumerary kidney is a rare anomaly. Published in the Urology Case Reports, the authors report a case of a right supernumerary kidney with no other associated anomaly.

A 30 years female came in the emergency department with abdominal pain. The patient was given emergency treatment and ultrasound abdomen was suggestive of the right Supernumerary Kidney.

She further underwent computed tomography with urography phase which was suggestive of Right Kidney measuring 10 × 4.7 cm with renal pelvis facing anteromedially with renal artery arising from anterolateral aspect of aorta at L1-L2 level. Another kidney 7.8 × 4.4 cm fused to upper native kidney having renal pelvis facing anterolateral with renal vessels arising from abdominal aorta at the level of L3.

Both Kidneys having separate renal veins joining to form common channel and draining to inferior vena cava. Both kidneys were fused with flimsy tissue with separate pelvicalyceal facing in different directions. Ureters of both kidneys were joined below the pelvicalyceal system of the supernumerary kidney. The patient was kept on follow-up.

Case learnings:-
- Management of these patients depends upon the symptoms of patient and the function of the supernumerary kidney.

- If Kidney is non-functional nephrectomy may be advised. In such cases, CT angiography should be done to delineate the anatomy and planning the surgical procedure.

- In present case-patient was asymptomatic and kidney was having normal function and unobstructed drainage.

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