Risk Of Blood Clot Due To Covishield Vaccine 'Minuscule' In
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A minuscule number of people were found to have suffered blood clots in India after receiving Serum Institute of India’s (SII’s) Covishield vaccine, according to a government panel. There was, however, no such instance with those who were administered Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin vaccine, the panel said, citing a study of adverse events from more than 75 million vaccine doses administered till 3 April.

For those who received Covishield, there was a 0.61 per million chance of suffering a serious case of blood clotting, which the panel termed as a “very minuscule but definitive risk". The panel made its assessment after reviewing 26 cases post-vaccination of potential thromboembolic events.

“There were no potential thromboembolic events reported following administration of Covaxin vaccine," the health ministry said in a statement. The panel had studied a total of 23,000 cases of adverse events following immunization (AEFI). The National AEFI Committee found that out of the 23,000 cases, 700 were serious or severe, making it a 9.3 per million chance, and 26 were potential thromboembolic events.

The rate of 0.61 cases per million in India is much lower than the 4 cases per million reported by the UK Medical and Health Regulatory Authority, and 10 events per million doses reported in Germany, the government said. The rare blood clots can cause damage, especially when it is in combination with thrombocytopenia, wherein a person has a low level of platelets that help blood clot.

Scientists have termed the events vaccine-induced prothrombotic immune thrombocytopenia. In Europe, seven cases of blood clots in multiple blood vessels and another 18 of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST)—where blood clots are formed in the brain—have been reported after more than 20 million vaccinations, making the chances of these extremely rare yet significant. Nine of the 25 people died.

Covishield, the COVID-19 vaccine, continues to have a definite positive benefit risk profile with tremendous potential to prevent infections and reduce deaths due to COVID-19 across the world and in India. Over 13.4 crore doses of Covishield vaccine have been administered as on 27 April 2021 in India. MoHFW is continuously monitoring the safety of all COVID-19 vaccines and is promoting reporting of suspected adverse events.

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Did they take into account under-reporting in India?
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If a pt (F, 48yrs)has gross hematuria after taking 1st dose of covishield month before (pt is hypertensive (controlled)& has h/o severe swine flu 10yrs back & h/o covid infection 5-6months back)
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