Robotic Surgery helps correct spinal deformity in India
A 33-year-old woman suffering from forward rounding of the neck due to multi-drug severe tuberculosis recently underwent corrective surgery using an advanced robotic system. Doctors at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, where the surgery was conducted, claimed that Preeti was the first patient in India to undergo surgery using new technology.

The patient went through a phase of halo-gravity traction to correct the deformity, following which the first round of surgery was performed, said Dr. H S Chhabra, medical director of ISIC. The surgery required doctors to release compression on the frontal part of the spine.

However, the advanced robotic system and navigation technology allowed the surgeons to conduct the procedure through the back of the spine, eliminating the need for opening the chest, which could have complicated the procedure. Following another round of traction (this time a halo-pelvic traction), the second stage of surgery was performed to complete the instrumentation. This time, surgeons also put a cage in front of the place where the bone was removed to release compression.

Dr. Chhabra said the correction procedure allowed Preeti to walk the next day after the surgery. The biopsy of her tissues also confirmed the doctors’ suspicion that she had a case of resistant TB. She has now been put on the second line of treatment. “The advanced robotic system gives us a high degree of precision and control. It reduces implant inaccuracies and also reduces radiation exposure for both the doctor and the patient,” the ISIC director added.

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Spinal deformities if treated by Robotic Surgery with confirmation- Kyphoscholiotic pts.will be in hurry to get it done.Uptill now pts.were scared of Post Operative complications-Dr Ramakishan Soni ,Phalodi,India
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