Role of Feracrylum (1%) as hemostatic agent in Tonsillectomy
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Tonsillectomy is a common procedure performed globally. It is associated with morbidities like hemorrhage and pain. Various methods are employed to reduce them. The present study is aimed to evaluate the role of Feracrylum (1%) in traditional cold steel tonsillectomy and to measure the outcomes in terms of intra-operative bleed, intra-operative time and post operative pain and recovery.

A prospective study was conducted in Department of ENT, ESI Medical College, Kalburgi Karnataka, India, for a period of 2 years between January 2019 to December 2020. In this study, a total of 60 patients were involved and divided them into two groups after fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Thirty patients each undergoing tonsillectomy with the use of Feracrylum considered as Group I and without the use of Feracrylum in the tonsillar fossae considered as Group II. The amount of blood loss is calculated. Assessment of recovery in days is estimated in both groups by reduced pain, gaining normal activity and normal food intake.

In this study, intra-operative time in group I was 19.83±3.93 min and in group II 27.16±3.35 min (P<0.001). The intra-operative blood loss in group I was 26.67±4.81 ml and in group II 44.70±7.59 ml (P<0.001). Patients recovered from pain, resumed normal activity and food intake within 2–3 days in Group I and in contrast it took about 3–5 days on an average in group II. In this study, majority of the patients experienced mild pain in Group I when Feracrylum was used during hemostasis.

Study has stressed that use of Feracrylum in cold steel tonsillectomy is relatively safe. Its use is associated with a significant decrease in surgical time and blood loss. Rapid recovery makes it favourable to be used in cold steel tonsillectomy.

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