Safety and efficacy of day-care surgery in children in a ter
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Advances in surgery and anesthesia have paved the way for the establishment of day-care surgery (DCS). This study suggests that day-care surgery (DCS) is effective and helpful.

Observations that children achieve better convalescence in the home environment along with significant economic advantages have led to this paradigm shift in clinical practice. This study is aimed to evaluate the feasibility of performing various surgical procedures on a day-care basis and assess parental satisfaction with DCS in children.

In this prospective observational study, all children >3 months of age undergoing various elective surgical procedures as day-care cases in the institution were enrolled. Types of operations, complications, including any unplanned admissions and parental satisfaction, were recorded.

A total of 654 day-care surgeries were performed by pediatric surgeons.

--Thirty different surgical procedures were successfully performed as DCS, the common procedures being inguinal herniotomy, and orchidopexy.

--Unplanned admissions were recorded in 2.29% of patients.

--No major complications occurred; two minor complications during follow-up were superficial wound infection and drug reaction.

--Overall parental satisfaction was very high (100%)-preoperative prolonged fasting period and long waiting time in the preoperative room of afternoon shift patients were the reasons for their discontent.

In particular, DCS in children is safe and effective with high parental satisfaction. It can substantially reduce the waiting list for several surgical procedures in children.

Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons