Sarcoidosis associated with HIV infection: BMJ case report
Sarcoidosis is a rare condition among native Saudis. It typically presents with asymptomatic chest radiographs, exertional breathlessness and cough. The coexistence of sarcoidosis and HIV is also rare, and the overlap of the symptoms makes their differential diagnosis challenging.

Nevertheless, the outcome of sarcoidosis is favourable with or without the presence of HIV. The authors present a case of a 55-year-old native Saudi man with extremely atypical sarcoidosis presentation coexisting with HIV.

This case highlights the association between the two pathologies, and the difficulties encountered in establishing a proper diagnosis in the presence of two overlapping diseases.

Learning points
• Sarcoidosis is still underdiagnosed and has not been properly studied in Saudi Arabia.

• The association of sarcoidosis with HIV is quite rare, and the association between the two pathologies needs to be studied in Saudi Arabia.

• There is a clinical overlap between the symptoms of sarcoidosis and HIV that makes their differential diagnosis quite challenging.

• The outcome of sarcoidosis is similar in HIV-infected and non-infected patients.

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Clinical judgment is more important in such cases.
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