Sarhad Par: Doctor Volunteers for Covid-19 #LineOfDuty
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I am first a Doctor, then an Ophthalmologist or Radiologist. My first qualification will always be MBBS. I may treat fibroids or acnes, but I also understand fluids and airways. If the disease progresses unchecked, we will need an army of medical and nursing professionals for treating severe Covid-19 cases.

Kindly fill in your name and contact details below if you would like to volunteer your services in the fight against Covid-19. The data will be shared with respective State Governments so that they may be able to readily augment their clinical capacity if the need arises.

Click the link to Volunteer:

Kindly note:
1) By filling this form, you are just expressing interest in good faith; there is no commitment
2) If any authority contacts you, they may have to verify your MBBS qualification prior to taking your help.

Kindly fill the below details and share it with your colleagues/peers. Feel free to write to us at to share any suggestions or feedback.
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N●●a R●●●●●r
N●●a R●●●●●r Anaesthesiology
Yes, BDS graduates and MBBS interns too, are welcome to volunteer for this nobel initiative.
Mar 25, 2020Like1
Dr. V●●●●●a K●●●●●e
Dr. V●●●●●a K●●●●●e General Surgery
What about mbbs passed from outside India who have not clear mci
Mar 27, 2020Like
R●●●●i S●●●●a
r●●●●i S●●●●a Homeopathic Medicine
Bhms intern can participate?
Mar 29, 2020Like