Schwannoma Localized Retroperitoneally in a 14-Year-Old Boy
Schwannomas are usually seen in adults between the second and fifth decades of life [1]. They are very rare in a pediatric population. The retroperitoneal region is an unusual location for schwannomas, with approximately 0.5–5% of all cases of schwannoma being retroperitoneal [2, 3]. Only patients with von Recklinghausen's disease have a stronger correlation with retroperitoneal schwannomas [2]. Retroperitoneal schwannomas are, on the whole, mostly benign but malignant tumors have also been reported [1].
Here, we present a pediatric case of a retroperitoneal schwannoma in an adrenal location where the tumor was unable to be preoperatively differentiated from other benign or malign adrenal gland tumors.

Case Report
A 14-year-old boy was referred to our institution with a retroperitoneal left adrenal mass that was detected on abdominal ultrasound during an investigation into complaints of intermittent abdominal pain and vomiting for about one year. A physical examination of his abdomen found no palpable mass but revealed tenderness in the left lower quadrant. The patient's medical history revealed rectal and intravesical ulcerations medicated 5 years previously and a tonsillectomy 1 year previously, and he had spotty skin pigmentations dissimilar to café au lait spots....