Screening for Olfactory Dysfunction in COVID-19 Patients usi
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According to this study, the Quick Smell Identification Test is a useful, validated, and easy tool for screening Olfactory Dysfunction (OD) among patients with COVID-19.

The objective was to determine the prevalence of OD in the confirmed case with COVID-19 among our population using a quick smell identification test (Q-SIT) as a screening tool.

A cross-sectional study carried out among adult hospitalized patients with a confirmed COVID-19 during the period between May and July 2020. All adults confirmed COVID-19 patients were interviewed for the history of the current disease and associated symptoms as well as performing Q-SIT.

- The prevalence of OD among COVID-19 cases was 16.3% in their population using Q-SIT compared to 27.4% for self-reported symptoms.

- Females were having a higher prevalence in comparison to males; which was statistically significant.

- The patients reported a higher prevalence of ageusia with a significant association with OD.

- Q-SIT showed high positive and negative predictive values in detecting OD among patients with COVID-19.

In particular, Q-SIT is a useful, validated, and easy to apply tool for screening OD among patients with COVID-19.

Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery