Seasonal and SARS-CoV-2 pandemic changes in the incidence of
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This study shows that rise in gestational diabetes is linked with summer weather and covid-19 pandemic. The study was published in the BJOG.

The objective was to test the hypothesis that there is seasonal variation in the rates of gestational diabetes (GDM) diagnosed using a 2 hour oral glucose tolerance test.

A retrospective study of 28,128 women receiving antenatal care was carried out. The study outcome was proportion of women screened diagnosed as having gestational diabetes.

- The mean (SD) percentage of women diagnosed with GDM was 14.78 in summer compared with 11.23 in winter, 12.13 in spring, and 11.88 in autumn.

- There was a highly significant positive correlation of the percentage testing positive for GDM with the mean maximum monthly temperature.

- There was a statistically significant 33.8% increase in the proportion of GDM diagnoses from June 2020 onwards, possibly related to a reduction in exercise secondary to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Conclusively, there is a 23.3% higher rate of GDM diagnoses in the warmer summer months. There has been a 33.8% rise in GDM diagnoses associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.