Selenium Associates With Response to Erythropoiesis-Stimulat
Of the study participants, 50% had lower Se levels than the population-based reference values. They found that serum Se levels were significantly and inversely correlated with erythropoiesis resistance index (ERI) but not transferrin saturation (TSAT) or ferritin levels. Multiple regression analyses confirmed the association between Se levels and ESA hyporesponsiveness, independently of other known factors, such as iron status, being female, and dialysis vintage. When patients were divided according to Se levels and iron status, both low serum Se (<10.5 g/dl) and iron deficiency significantly affected the response to ESA. Conversely, serum Se levels were significantly different among groups when patients were divided according to ERI quartiles. The association of low serum Se with ESA hyporesponsiveness persisted after the adjustment of confounding variables.