Self-healing CD30- T-clonal proliferation of the tongue: rep
The etiology of traumatic ulcerative granulomas with stromal eosinophilia (TUGSE) is not clear, traumatic irritation having advocated as the most likely cause.

A 57 year-old woman was referred to the Unit of Oral Medicine and Laser Surgery of the University of Parma, Italy, because of a 15 days standing, painful lesion on the right border of the tongue. Clinical investigation revealed the presence of a round, nodular, ulcerated, slightly exophytic lesion of the right posterior border of the tongue, in proximity of the ventral portion.

Gauze swiping did not remove the fibrin-like material from the surface of the lesion. Histological features included a polymorphic lymphocytic infiltrate with slight eosinophilia (Fig. 3). Epithelium presented ulceration with signs of pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia. Imaging and laboratory work-up was negative.

In contrast with the seriousness of the clinical appearance, complete remission with mucosal healing spontaneously occurred in 15 days.

Source: BMC Oral Health

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