Senior Covid frontline doctor at LNJP Hospital falls to the
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Dr. Asheem Gupta, a senior doctor working as an anesthesia specialist at Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital in Delhi, died on 28 June, 21 days after contracting COVID-19.

The 56-year-old consultant had tested positive on 6 June and was admitted to the COVID hospital’s Internal Care Unit the next day. At his request, he was then shifted to Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, reported NDTV.

His condition deteriorated on Saturday (27 June) and he died the next morning.

His wife, Dr. Nirupama Gupta is a radiologist working in Noida. Speaking to The Indian Express, she shared that she had also tested positive for the virus, but later recovered.

“For two-three days, Asheem and I were home. When his condition worsened, we both went to Lok Nayak Hospital and got ourselves admitted there. The next day, we shifted to Max, Saket. Asheem had co-morbidities. I recovered and returned home a few days ago, he didn’t.” Dr. Nirupama Gupta

Dr. Nirupama also shared that her husband’s condition had gotten worse after he developed a pulmonary embolism. He responded well after he was given plasma therapy, but his health worsened suddenly.

Dr. Asheem’s friend and senior from KGMU in Lucknow, Dr. Anil Goyal, told the newspaper, “Asheem joined Lok Nayak Hospital because he believed he could help more people in a government set-up. If an economically weaker patient needed help getting an ICU or ventilator or even basic treatment, Asheem would help. He was there for his friends, family members, colleagues, and even strangers. This (his death) is gutting.”

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