Serum Institute of India to start human trials of Oxford's C
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A day after the Lancet published the first human trial data of the Oxford's Covid-19 vaccine, Serum Institute of India CEO Adar Poonawalla said the decisive third phase of the trials would start in India from August and conclude it by October-November.

The third phase would be crucial as it would show how much protection the vaccine would give against Covid-19.

Poonawalla said the vaccine will mostly be purchased by governments, and people will receive them free of cost through immunisation programmes. 50 per cent of the vaccines that will be manufactured by his firm will be supplied to India and the rest to other countries.

Adar Poonawalla said if the vaccine trials go fine and the results are favourable, Serum Institute of India will be manufacturing this vaccine as a partner with Oxford University.

He said the firm is also seeking regulatory clearances to conduct Phase 3 human trials of this vaccine in India.

Serum Institute would be able to produce a few million doses of the vaccine by November-December, and around 300-400 million doses by the first quarter of 2021 for mass usage.

"The ethical way of distributing the vaccine is that the elderly and the immunocompromised get the vaccine first, along with frontline healthcare workers. The healthy adults can get the vaccine later on," he said, adding that this would be an ethical way of distributing the vaccine.

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