Severe respiratory failure in a patient with COVID-19 and ac
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Acromegaly is a rare disorder of unregulated hypersecretion of growth hormone that causes cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory complications. Herein, authors describe the case of a middle-aged man admitted to the hospital with severe COVID-19 found to have clinical and biochemical evidence of acromegaly.

His respiratory status declined despite initiation of standard treatments, prompting initiation of subcutaneous octreotide. Following initiation of this therapy, he rapidly improved and was discharged from the hospital 2?days later. Subsequent workup revealed a pituitary macroadenoma that was surgically removed, with improvement in his acromegaly symptoms.

COVID-19 disease severity is increased by pre-existing diabetes, lung disease and immunosuppression. Although this patient had obstructive sleep apnoea and pre-diabetes, we hypothesise that our patient’s acromegaly contributed to his severe course, as reflected by his rapid improvement after starting treatment with subcutaneous octreotide.

Acromegaly may predispose to more severe outcomes in patients with COVID-19.