Shaken by young doctor's suicide, Kerala medical community s
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The demise of one Dr Anoop Krishna, allegedly after receiving flak on social media, has startled the medical community in Kerala. Dr Krishna was a well-known orthopaedic surgeon and had appeared on several TV shows. The doctor specialised in Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty.

He committed suicide at his residence in the Kollam district, which is now been attributed to the backlash he faced after the untimely death of a 6-year-old child at his clinic, Anoop Orthocare hospital, a week ago.

Dr Anoop had decided to carry out the operation on the child after several doctors refused to conduct surgery, amidst the pandemic. Reportedly, the child was born with a heart defect and eventually developed ventricular fibrillation, resulting in erratic heartbeats and eventual death. The child had a heart attack after she was administered anaesthesia at the clinic. She was then admitted to the Kollam Medical College but couldn’t be saved.

• Parent's Allegations:

While alleging medical negligence, the parents of the deceased child had filed a complaint against Dr Anoop and his hospital. They had claimed that administering anaesthesia resulted in the death of the child. When the news of the child’s death spread on social media, Dr Anoop was subjected to an online backlash.

• Deceased doctor wrote ‘sorry’ prior to committing suicide:

Dr Anoop was reportedly under mental stress, which forced him to take his own life. He had written ‘sorry’ on a wall, prior to committing suicide. The Station House Officer (Kollam East) stated, “We had taken a case against the hospital for unnatural death. The child was under treatment in the hospital. We are not sure whether the two incidents are connected. The reason for his suicide is not yet known.” He added, “Further details will be known only after the postmortem report.”

• Fellow doctors blame ‘social media trials:

The medical community in Kerala has come out in support of the deceased doctor and blamed ‘media trials’ for his untimely demise. Fellow doctors emphasised that Dr Anoop had conducted surgeries successfully in the past and that a patient could not be saved every time.

Another ortho-surgeon, Dr Sunil stated, “Doctors could not save every life. They don’t have the magic to defeat death every time. A doctor grieves with the family every time a patient dies, despite their best efforts to save them. I hope it won’t cost their own lives anymore.”

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Social media should be kept away from from undue exposure directly with patients. One should consider properly the case and then opine. It is unfortunate events.
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