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Sharing & Posting on PlexusMD
Here's your ultimate guide...

You must have read tons of medical news updates, recent research articles and case reports shared by the PlexusMD editors. You may contribute to inspiring and disseminating awareness among your peers and most importantly, you can encourage upcoming doctors or medical students on PlexusMD. You can indeed seek advice from our 2 lakh+ medical community whenever you need.

There’s no greater joy than seeing people being inspired by you. So, you can start by sharing your personal experiences, informative articles or anything inspiring with your peers.

Here PlexusMD is your stage, where you can start sharing your cases, news, achievements.

What you can share with your peers:

•  Interesting Case reports
•  Diagnostic dilemma 
•  Experience & Achievements
•  Any medical update 

Introducing #UserPostOfTheMonth

We know our doctors are super busy in this pandemic saving lives, and still, you make your incredible effort in inspiring the audience by sharing your cases, doubts, and experiences with us! 

So we came up with an initiative to appreciate and honor your post with title - #UserPostOfTheMonth

In this process, we go through all the amazing and informative posts shared by all doctors and students and choose the most loved & appreciated posts by our 2 lakh+ user community. Then, we announce the winner, and we provide them with a surprise gift.

Criteria for choosing the winner post:

•  Most engaging & appreciated post by users (likes, shares & comments)
•  Content should be informative and insightful for medical fraternities
•  The post should not be abusive or in any way hurt someone’s feelings

Here's a peek from our last activity     


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