She's 4 year old, suffering from Diabetes mellitus type 1. D
Pratik Pawar
She's 4 year old, suffering from Diabetes mellitus type 1. During my paediatric postings we became friends. In our hospital generally we give chocolate to kids before taking the case so that the kid n his mother don't get irritated while answering the questions. She might have noticed that. Her first question was why I didn't bring chocolate for her. The little angel can't eat chocolates unlike other kids. Can you even imagine your childhood without sweets ? Also she doesn't go to school, bcz of giddiness. And also because of albinism (colour) she gets wounds on her skin on exposure to sunlight. After taking the case I was constantly thinking about her whole day. Her current disease status, pain, mental status, Her education , her future life , her marriage & what her parents are going through....I had read somewhere 'choose Medical field, no personal life , no personal problems.' how true ! Being a doctor isn't only about dealing with health issues but the social & economic status as well. Doctors are continuously surrounded with those who are in pain , continuously fighting with death, relatives who are crying, emotionally drained, economically weak. Life's tough. But I learnt a lesson. I won't go much in knowing personal details & I will mind my business by not thinking about economic and social aspects of the patient. for my own sake. Enough for today. May God bless her.
Signing off.
Dr to be. Pratik !
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Dr. N●●●r S●●●a
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Dear would be doctor most of us have been in the same emotional roller coaster as you. Though it is said that we should not get personally involved with what patient is facing but trust me on this it’s not true. Don’t ever let the humanity inside you die. You are a good human being and that will also make you a good doctor.
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Doctor is also a human being he too prone to all the difficulties/ problems as like others . so doctor should have a heart 💓
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Thanks all. yes , humanity comes first , agreed.😊
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