Should the doctors/hospitals wait for the police to arrive o
No. “The treatment of the patient should not wait for the arrival of the police or completion of legal formalities. All hospitals and doctors are required to provide immediate medical aid to all the cases, whether medico–legal or not”

Reference -

Constitution of India, 1950: Article 21-- Obligation on the State to preserve life--Every doctor has professional obligation to extend services to protect life--All Government hospitals/ Medical institutions to pro vide immediate medical aid in all cases.

Indian Medical Council Act, 1860: Section 33--Indian Medical Council/Code of Medical Ethics--Clauses 10 and 13--Obligation to sick--Patient not to be neglected--Court emphasized necessity to provide immediate medical aid...
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In the event of death after CPR will the doctor be penalised?
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@Dr. Prem Ravi Varma: No. However, the attendants might not understand what the doctor is trying to do, and so it's always wise to explain what you are doing while simultaneously doing the CPR
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