Silicone breast implant associated fibromatosis
The present case has been reported in the Journal of Surgical Case Reports.

A 34-year-old female presented to breast oncology clinic with a palpable left breast mass. She underwent bilateral breast augmentation with sub-muscular silicone implants at an outside facility 3 years previously. She first noticed a soft, mobile mass 6 months prior to presentation that had become more firm and increased in size over time.

She also reported being involved in a motor vehicle accident 3 months before the onset of symptoms, where her chest was impacted by the steering wheel.

On physical exam, there was an asymmetry to the projection of her breasts with the inferior pole of the left breast higher than the right. There was a firm, 7 × 4 cm2 mass of the left breast separate from the breast implant at 11 o'clock 9 cm from the nipple. The right breast was benign with no masses appreciated.

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