Simultaneous complete B/L rupture of quadriceps tendon in a
The present case has been reported in the World Journal of Orthopaedics. The spontaneous and simultaneous rupture of both quadriceps tendons is uncommon and has rarely been reported in the literature.

The current case involves a 43-year-old man with end-stage renal disease requiring hemodialysis for the past 20 years. The patient experienced bilateral knee pain and swelling and was unable to bear weight. Physical examination revealed bilateral quadriceps tendon defect above the patella and loss of active extension.

Although plain radiographs of both knees showed no fracture or widening of the joint space, an inferiorly positioned patella was observed. Ultrasonography of the knees revealed a quadriceps tendon defect at the upper edge of each patella, while MR imaging revealed a tear in each quadriceps tendon from the superior poles of the patella.

The patient then underwent surgical correction wherein the tendons were repaired using sutures passed through drill holes in the patella. The knees were immobilized with splints for 4 wk before starting physiotherapy. The patient subsequently regained full functional activity within 1 year.

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