Simultaneous laparoscopic total extraperitoneal inguinal her
An Amyand’s hernia is defined by the presence of a vermiform appendix within an inguinal hernia sac. Most of these cases are not diagnosed preoperatively and the surgical approach is dependent on the type present and associated intraoperative findings. We present a case of a preoperatively diagnosed Amyand’s hernia in a man who underwent treatment by simultaneous laparoscopic totally extraperitoneal repair and laparoscopic appendectomy.

Journal of Medical Case Reports 2019 13:195 encountered the case of a 76-year-old Japanese man with a right inguinal pain. Ultrasound and computed tomography confirmed his vermiform appendix herniated into the right inguinal canal. We managed a simultaneous laparoscopic total extraperitoneal inguinal hernia repair with mesh and laparoscopic appendectomy. He was discharged without any postoperative morbidity.

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